PT INDONESIAN GREEN QUEST is a private company with a vision:
In his efforts to put forward Development of Environmentally Friendly type of business. so much focus on the types of businesses that can mengantisifasi effects of Global Warming.

PT INDONESIAN GREEN QUEST trying to become Enterprise Professional, Innovative with a green environment, as well as maintaining the quality of Production. and services to all business associates. and colleagues in order to cooperate with all parties. within the State or outside the State,

With reference to the State legislation of the Republic of Indonesia.
to assist the Government Program related to Public Welfare. in improving human resources, in order to be able to compete in the era of Industrial Modernization.

Improving the welfare of stakeholders. and supporters of the work program. plan of PT Indonesia Green Quest. in order to carry out its performance properly and correctly according to the Standard Operating Procedure.

In addition to some project that we have developed, we are also working with the Project Owner, by providing project financing, for a variety of projects in Indonesia, because PT Indonesiagreenquest has been entrusted by some of the Company’s foreign funders from several countries. to represent them. in providing information on the Project Financing Process.

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